Introducing Simply Better Sense In Fecal Management

Faecal Incontinence

Help reduce complications and cut costs

By including Flexi-SealTM FMS as part of your patient care protocol, you can help reduce the costly complications caused by exposure to fecal waste. In fact, the often non-reimbursable cost of complications, such as pressure ulcers and nosocomial infections, can be considerably higher than the increased cost of consumables.1,2

FLEXI-SEALTM FMS – the most widely used fecal management system3


For patients

  • Designed to reduce the risk of skin breakdown and spread of infection.
  • Better management of fecal incontinence can enhance patient comfort and dignity.*4
  • Designed to manage unpleasant odor. 

For caregivers

  • Designed to reduce the risk of skin breakdown and development of pressure ulcers.5
  • Designed to effectively contain fecal waste which may contain C. difficile and other potentially pathogenic bacteria.
  • Easy to insert and remove (see package insert for full instructions for use)

For ICU managers

  • Designed to help reduce the risk of skin breakdown and spread of infection that can lead to extended length of stay and increased treatment costs.1,2,6
  • Better management of fecal incontinence may help reduce mortality and morbidity. *4
  • Flexi-Seal™ FMS may save labor and material resources.7

*Compared to traditional fecal incontinence management

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