insuflon™ – indwelling catheter insuflon™ – indwelling catheter insuflon™ – indwelling catheter

insuflon™ – indwelling catheter

The insuflon™ indwelling catheter is an indwelling subcutaneous soft cannula which is inserted into the fatty tissue of the body at an angle of 20-45 degrees.

After removing the insertion needle, the soft cannula remains in the body, making it possible to inject medication through the membrane without additional needle sticks or injection pain.

For more information about insuflon™ indwelling catheter please select Product Features and Additional Resources below.

NHS Code
insuflon™ indwelling catheter
Tube Length
Needle/Cannula Length
18 mm
Needle Gauge
Cannula: Soft
Insertion angle: 20 - 45 degrees
Disconnection feature: No
Introducer needle gauge: G27
Cannula lenghts: 18 mm
Tubing lengths: No tubing
Adhesive: Seperate
Cannula fill volumen: 0,5 unit of U100 insulin


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