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Odour Control Sachets

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Sting Free Skin Barrier



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Easily and rapidly releases appliances or dressings adhered with adhesive

• Helps minimise trauma to patient with “No Touch” removal

• Helps minimise skin stripping that causes pain

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Diamonds Gelling Sachets with ActiveOne Odour Control solidify liquid contents and reduce or eliminate excess gas, enabling the user to achieve a flatter, more discreet pouch. Not only does this result in greater comfort, but users often find that Diamonds sachets help prevent leakage and sleep disruptions caused by the need to drain or release gas. For ileostomy or liquid stool output, not indicated for urostomy (urine). Each jar includes 100 sachets. Sachets are not to be opened; they are to be placed directly into the opening of an empty ostomy pouch. For full details, please read the Instruction for Use insert.

  • Super absorbent gelling sachets
  • Unique patented ActiceOne™ Odour Control
  • Intended for patients with loose stool to use every day
  • Quick, clean, easy-to-use
  • Available in a sealed, easy-to-open jar containing:
  • 100 dissolvable sachets
  • One convenient zip-lock 'day bag'

Creates a breathable barrier that protects the skin from damage caused by adhesives, body waste and friction

  • Protects vulnerable skin from demaging effects of body waste and adhesive
  • Creates a comfortable, breathable barrier between skin & baseplate
  • Sting free. No fragrances, alcohol, oils. water or preservatives
  • Dries quickly to from durable silicon film
  • Increases appliance adhesion
  • 100% silicone-based skin barrier
  • Designed to be used at every pouch change
  • Spray actuator carefully designed to create an even layer