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A pouch system collects your urine or faeces, depending on your type of stoma surgery. In a two-piece system, the baseplate is separate from the pouch; in a one-piece system they are combined together. Pouch types may include:

Closed-end pouches

  • Closed-end pouches are designed for one-time usage, which makes them ideal for special occasions and intimate moments. Some people also prefer them for everyday use. There is no draining or clip to worry about. When the pouch is used, you simply remove it, place it into a disposable bag, and discard.
  • Most closed-end pouches come with a filter that is designed to reduce odor and gas buildup.
  • These pouches are recommended for colostomy (everyday use for some; special occasions for anyone) and ileostomy (special occasions). They are not recommended for urostomy.

Drainable pouches

  • Some people may prefer rinse-and-reuse drainable pouches. These pouches are drained simply by releasing the clip at the bottom of the pouch, allowing for quick and easy maintenance.
  • These pouches are recommended for ileostomy and colostomy.

Urostomy Pouches

  • Urostomy pouches are available in one- and two-piece systems. But, unlike colostomy/ileostomy systems, urostomy pouches have a drainable tap instead of a clip. ConvaTec offers a choice of two types of taps: the Accuseal® Tap with valve or fold-up tap, which allow for easy drainage.

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