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The Careline+™ range of leg bags are available in 350ml, 500ml & 750ml. Secure & reliable collection bags, with a pair of sterile Nitrile (non latex) gloves.


The E4 (above) is Sterile drainable 2 litre bag with a pair of sterile Nitrile (non latex) gloves & KombiKon® needle free sample port




EasiMT™ Single use, Non Sterile 2 litre night bad with a convenient twist outlet. Designed to reduce the chance of cross contamination, reduce spillage
and has a Non-return valve (NRV).

All Careline+TM leg bags are sterile.
The 500ml leg bag & E4 have a patient information box, this allows the date the bag was
attached to be recorded ensuring the bag is used for a maximum of 7 days.

Low memory silicone tubing helps to reduce kinking and blockages.

All Careline® leg bags are fitted with the KombiKon® needle free sample port

The A4 (above) is a 2 litre sterile closed system bag with an Integrated Hanger. This product is also fitted with a Non-return valve (NRV), air filter, tube clamp & the KombiKon® needle free sample port. 

The integral hanger is a further enhancement of the A4 (available without an integrated hanger) designed to be hung on the side of a bed without the need for an additional stand or hanger, keeping the bag further from the floor to reduce the risk of infection. 

The A4 has a tuck away tap ( tucked into a neat pouch which is an integral part of the bottom end of the bag), to help minimise the risk of cross infection and reduces the likelihood of anything coming into contact with the outlet drain when not open and in use. 

Catheter Valves: Suitable for a wide range of patients using either a urethral or suprapubic catheter.
Careline® catheter valves can help to maintain the bladders natural function, tone and capacity acting as a reservoir for urine. A drainage bag can be attached to the valve for night drainage if necessary, without compromising the closed system.

Careline® catheter valves are available with a lever- tap & a T-tap

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