About Infusion Care

About Infusion Care

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Infusion Care

The Infusion Care franchise specializes in providing disposable infusion sets to manufacturers of insulin pumps for diabetes and similar pumps used in continuous infusion treatment of conditions such as Parkinson's disease and primary immunodeficiencies, and for pain management.

Infusion Care Diabetes

An insulin pump is an external, computer-controlled device allowing people with diabetes to get continuous delivery of insulin to the body 24/7. The Infusion Set is the disposable part connected to the pump via tubing and injected into the patient’s body, allowing the insulin to be delivered subcutaneously (under the skin into the subcutaneous tissue). Insulin pumps are a well-established and recognized technology for the treatment of many type 1 and severe type 2 people with diabetes.

Our complete range of soft cannula and stainless steel infusion sets gives users the flexibility to choose the product that suits them best. These products have been developed using the expertise, knowledge and insight based on almost 30 years of experience in infusion care.