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ConvaTec Moldable Technology™

Natura Stomahesive Moldable Collar 22/45mm

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ConvaTec's Moldable skin barrier is the only skin barrier that molds to your individual stoma. It is designed for living.

Easy - No cutting required for faster, easier pouch changes

Skin Friendly - Made from clinically proven, skin protecting stoma adhesives

Snug & Secure - Rebounding Memory Technology that provides a custom fit

Comfortable - Thin and flexible, designed to move with your body

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"Take my word for it,
change is good."
After 26 years Randy switched his baseplate to ConvaTec Moldable Technology™.
ConvaTec Moldable Technology Selcting an Ostomy System

Selecting a Stoma System

The first step in caring for your stoma is selecting the best stoma system for you.

Learn More about Selecting a Stoma System ConvaTec Offers a Range of Options

ConvaTec Offers a Range of Options

ConvaTec Offers Products to Fit a Variety of Patient Types.

Learn More about ConvaTec Offers a Range of Options Basic application of Ostomy Systems

Basic Application of a Stoma System

Here are some basic guidelines for applying your pouching system.

Learn More about Basic Application of a Stoma System Finding the right skin barrier

Finding the Right Baseplate

Keeping your peristomal (around the stoma) skin healthy is important for your health and comfort.

Learn More about Finding the Right Baseplate What is a Pouch

What is a Pouch

A pouch system collects your urine or stool, depending on your type of stoma surgery.

Learn More about What is a Pouch What is a Skin Barrier

What is a Baseplate

A baseplate adheres to your peristomal (around the stoma) skin, helping protect your skin from stoma output.

Learn More about What is a Baseplate Choosing the Right Size 2.jpg

Choosing the
Right Size

After surgery, your stoma may be swollen.

Learn More about Choosing the
Right Size
Accessories Range

Stoma Care

Choose Stoma Care Products here.

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