Epi-FixTM securement device for epidural catheters

Securement Devices

Designed for safe and comfortable fixation of epidural catheters

  • Secures catheter in optimal, kink-free position
  • High permeability prevents moisture build up
  • Protects the puncture site
  • Enables easy inspection by transparent window

Keeps the catheter in place, prevents kinking

Epi-FixTM secures a correct and firm positioning of the catheter: its curve-shaped foam locks the catheter in position and prevents migration and kinking.

Designed for comfortable fixation

Epi-FixTM locks the epidural catheter in place allowing the patient to move reducing the risk of displacing the catheter.  Epi-FixTM isdesigned to avoid pressure points and aid comfort by incorporating a foam layer.  The transparent window is made of breathable polyurethane which helps to reduce moisture creation. Epi-FixTM is latex free and supplied sterile.

Transparent window for easyinspection

The transparent waterproof window allows quick and easy monitoring of the punctuation site without removing the device.

Epi-Fix securement device for epidural catheters

™ Epi-Fix is a trademark of Unomedical a/s.